Why I Put My Son on ADHD Meds

Sometimes I get judgment from other people about putting my son on ADHD medications, but I don’t regret it. Before he was on medication, he was constantly distracting other children in his class and not doing his work. There is a stigma associated with ADHD medications, but judgment is not helpful.

Ever since John started taking his medication, it has been night and day. He is now able to do his homework and pay attention in class. His grades have improved tremendously. It has been such a positive medication for him. His entire life has gotten better.

ADHD is a real condition. My child needs his medication to be able to pay attention in school and do his work. Something is out of whack in his brain, and it needs to be balanced. He has seen several physicians who have all said the same thing: John has ADHD and he needs to be treated for it.

So putting my son on ADHD medication turned out to be the right move for me. It may not be for you. That is the thing about parenting. Everyone has to do it differently based on what their children need.

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